For those who are starting their career in tech AND for experienced IT professionals willing to broaden their expertise with Salesforce knowledge

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June, 16


3 months





The program includes 19 classes, 3 lectures with guest speakers, and a final project with a personal mentor assigned.

Salesforce basics


Security in Salesforce

Process Automation

Version Control



Deployments in Salesforce

Web Basics

Software Design Principles

Intro to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Quality Control in Salesforce

The team

Our mentors create Salesforce solutions everyday. They teach this course because they know exactly what it takes to succeed in the technology, and they want to help shape a Salesforce Community in Ukraine.

Andres Perez Photo
Andres Perez
Trailhead Academy Solution Architect at Salesforce
Over 30 years in tech, 13 of which have been in Salesforce. Andres has been teaching Salesforce all around the world including Dreamforce and Trailhead DX sessions. 15x Salesforce Certified.
Mateusz Dąbrowski
Marketing Cloud Architect at PwC
Mateusz is a Salesforce MVP, Marketing Champion, and author of SFMC-focused website. 6x Salesforce Certified.
Stuart Werner
Principal Instructor and Application Architect at Salesforce Trailhead Academy
Stuart has been in the IT sector for over 30 years. Stuart delivers training for the following Salesforce classes: Platform Developer, Declarative Developer, and Lighting Web Components.
Eliot Harper
Salesforce MVP
Eliot is acknowledged expert in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Eliot has consulted for some of the largest brands in the world and has written several articles and books on Marketing Cloud. He is a regular speaker at international events.
Anastasiya Penska
Head of Marketing Automation at PwC
Leading Marketing Cloud practice as well as SFMC Community in PwC Poland Salesforce department. 7x Salesforce Certified.
Ivan Bakun Photo
Ivan Bakun
Salesforce Architect
17x Salesforce Certified. Ivan joined Noltic as a Salesforce Developer in 2017 and is today the longest-serving team member after the founders.
Michael Konyk
Salesforce Architect
16x Salesforce Certified. Michael has 7+ years in Salesforce technology and is one of Noltic top experts. Michael is high-skilled in B2B Commerce Cloud (CloudCraze).
Andrii Demchuk Photo
Andrii Demchuk
Salesforce Developer
15x Salesforce Certified. Andrii is high-skilled in the area of Data Architecture and Marketing Automation.
Serhii Maksymchuk Photo
Serhii Maksymchuk
Salesforce Architect
7+ years in Java and 3 years in Salesforce. Serhii brings diverse experience in delivering solutions for retail, finance, gaming and governmental projects.
Vira Popovych Photo
Vira Popovych
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lead
With over 16 years of experience in the tech industry, Vira brings expertise in software development, marketing automation and QA. 7x Salesforce Certified.
Orest Reveha Photo
Orest Reveha
Salesforce Architect
7x Salesforce Certified. With 5+ years in tech, Orest has strong expertise in Salesforce Integration & Accounting.
Marko Stavovyi Photo
Marko Stavovyi
Salesforce Developer
5x Salesforce Certified. Marko brings 2+ years of experience in PHP and 3+ years in Salesforce.
Orest Sushynskyi Photo
Orest Sushynskyi
QA Engineer
Doctor of Technical Science with 15 years of experience in the academic world and 3 years in the tech business.
Oleksii Pliukhin
Salesforce Developer
PhD in Mathematical physics, 10 years of academic experience, and 3 years in programming. 4x Salesforce Certified.
Andrii Romash Photo
Andrii Romash
Salesforce Developer
2x Salesforce Certified. Having knowledge in Java and Salesforce, Andrii brings expertise in business process automation.
Oleksii Tromsa Photo
Oleksii Tromsa
Salesforce Developer
2x Salesforce Certified. Oleksii is leading the Salesforce development team in the Fintech industry.
Andrii Pytel Photo
Andrii Pytel
Salesforce Developer
With a strong knowledge of Computer Sciences, Andrii is passionate about teaching Salesforce to those who join the industry.
Anna Sapuzhak
Node.js Developer
Anna brings 4 years of experience is software development. She is dedicated and professional in coding with great learning and mentoring skills.
Ivan Dnistrian
Salesforce Developer
5x Salesforce Certified. Experienced in creating complex Salesforce solutions for businesses and developing custom Salesforce apps.

We are open to collaborating with more Salesforce experts for sharing knowledge and best practices with our students. Let us know if you want to become a mentor or guest speaker.

Theory + practice

You will fully experience the everyday tasks that a Salesforce developer usually has. The program includes theoretical classes, self-study, and mentored practical tasks. By limiting the number of participants, we make sure that each of you will get the most out of this experience.

Salesforce community

Innovation does not happen in isolation, it is a collaborative process. We see our Learning Centre as a place where people meet and do tech things together. Everything we offer participants - the classes, events, space, mentorship - comes down to the mission of developing the Salesforce community in Ukraine. And as the community evolves, so do we.

Career opportunities

We offer cooperation opportunities to the most successful students: it might be a position at Noltic Lviv or Poltava, external partnership, long-term mentorship, and other options.

Frequently asked questions

Created by Noltic as the company’s investment into Salesforce education in Ukraine

Since its first outing in 2021, the Salesforce Course has become a huge part of life at Noltic. We enjoy bringing tech minds and sharing the Salesforce Ohana in Lviv, Poltava and other cities. After Ukraine’s victory over russia, we will get back to our mixed form of studying and will invite all our students to spend time with us offline. Noltic’s office is still our favorite place to grow and we can’t wait to share the vibe with you.

Brainstorming on the final tasks for our alumni-to-be
Brainstorming on the final tasks for our alumni-to-be
Driving 900 km through Ukraine to give a Salesforce lecture in Poltava
Driving 900 km through Ukraine to give a Salesforce lecture in Poltava
Solid professors coffeeing in-between the classes
Solid professors coffeeing in-between the classes
Historical moment. Our first graduation party-y-yay! Lviv.
Historical moment. Our first graduation party-y-yay! Lviv.

“The Noltic course was key in beginning my IT career. All the classes were very informative and well-structured. For me, the most valuable thing was personal feedback on code: with one practical task, I learned more than from a whole year of studying programming. Also, the mentors' enthusiasm and experience motivated me a lot. It is truly an environment of smart and kind people”.

Sashko Adamovsky
Master student / Trainee Salesforce Developer at Noltic, Lviv
Hosting the Trailblazer Community event. Summer 2021, Lviv
Hosting the Trailblazer Community event. Summer 2021, Lviv
There is no offline class without our premium carpet
There is no offline class without our premium carpet

“Lots of practice, cool lecturers, and great organization. In just 3 months, I've added new software skills to my profile and expanded the market I can work with. JS, LWC, and Advanced Apex lectures were my favorites”.

Yura Osadchuk
Senior QA Engineer / Project Manager, Lviv

“I love that the school is run by a company that actually works with Salesforce. The team is very open. They have answered all of my questions along the way and helped me join the Salesforce world easily”.

Victoria Pelych
Bachelor student / Trainee Salesforce Developer, Poltava
And there is always an after(exam)party
And there is always an after(exam)party
Multitasking while mentoring. Do not attempt this at home.
Multitasking while mentoring. Do not attempt this at home.

“It is a cool opportunity to dive deep into the new technology with the industry experts' help and real business examples”.

Ivan Sokolov
Math Analyst / Senior PHP Developer, Lviv
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